7 Signs You May Need Facelift Surgery

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Facelift Surgery

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  • Facelift surgery targets signs of aging like double chin, jowls, wrinkles, & facial volume loss.
  • Indications for the procedure include obscured facial contours, double chin, neck thickening, and sagging tissue.

A neck lift or facelift surgery reverses some signs of aging by removing excess fat deposits and tightening loose skin on the neck and face. Along with eyelid surgery, it helps a good candidate regain a more youthful look.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

A good candidate is someone who:

1. Is emotionally prepared for the change: Your face will look more youthful, but the difference can still be jarring at first. You must be in a good place mentally to deal with this in a healthy manner.

2. Is relatively healthy: Dr. James conducts these procedures under a general anesthetic. Like with all surgery, there are risks to going under the knife. The patient must be reasonably healthy to heal properly and achieve their expected results.

3. Has realistic expectations: Some people approach cosmetic procedures as the best way to change their lives. They need to realize that changing their looks is only the starting point. They must do the emotional work as well to transform their lives.

4. Is prepared to undertake aftercare: Like with any operation, you’ll experience some pain during recovery. The pain is worst immediately after the procedure, but some remnants could remain throughout the eight-week recovery period. You must be willing to care for yourself to ensure faster healing and the best results.

Cosmetic procedures are helpful tools in the fight against aging. They take what Mother Nature gave you and tweak it to look its best.

What Can Facelift Surgery Achieve?

This surgical procedure can:

1. Reduce a double chin and jowls

2. Lift sagging skin

3. Remove deep wrinkles and creases

4. Tighten loose skin

5. Remove excess skin in the neck area

6. Create more fullness in the face

7. Refine the facial contours

8. Create a more balanced, youthful look

A surgical facelift tackles the advanced signs of aging. An experienced surgeon will make you look years younger without leaving the telltale marks of “work.” They’ll know how to balance a refreshed appearance and an overdone one.

What Are the Signs You May Need Facelift Cosmetic Surgery?

The only person who can decide that it’s time is yourself. If you need a confidence boost, it’s an avenue worth exploring. You are welcome to schedule an appointment with Dr. James for further advice.

In the meantime, signs you may need facelift surgery include the following:

Obscured Facial Contours

Over time our skin loses its fullness and elasticity resulting in sunken cheeks, sagging jowls, and drooping eyelids. Weight gain and loss can also play havoc with the skin’s health and resilience, as can a lack of sleep, smoking, drug use, and many other factors.

The result is that your contours change so much that it becomes difficult to recognize your younger self in the mirror.

Fortunately, several cosmetic solutions are highly effective. Dr. James will discuss which of these are best to restore your youthful glow.

For example, he can reposition fat pads under the skin and lift lax muscles. He will then tighten the skin and remove the excess using a series of tiny incisions. Unlike fillers, these results are permanent and last more than a few months at a time.

Side Effects From Over-the-Counter Medication

Your face reflects your lifestyle choices. Everything from the over-the-counter medication you take for your blood pressure to overly strenuous exercise impacts your look.

For example, some medications interfere with your body’s absorption of vital nutrients, while others interfere with your appetite. Strenuous exercise places a more significant load on the body’s resources.

Whatever the reason, the effects of improper nutrition take their toll. These usually affect the skin first because it is not the body’s most vital organ. Other lifestyle choices like losing sleep worsen the damage to the skin, sometimes irrevocably.

Dr. James can assist by evaluating your face and neck carefully. He can then suggest which procedures are best for your condition.

Deep Wrinkles Around Your Eyes and Mouth

Aging occurs at different rates for everyone. You may be working with premature aging due to genetics or lifestyle choices. For example, an extremely stressful schedule leads to deep frown lines.

During the formative stages, it’s possible to smooth out these wrinkles with treatments like fillers and Botox injections. However, as they deepen or you develop “marionette lines” around your mouth, these temporary fillers are no longer as effective. At this stage, it’s time to look for a surgical alternative.

Double Chin or So-Called Turkey Neck

We associate a clearly defined jawline with youth and beauty as a society. One of the most challenging parts of aging is that gravity takes its toll on the skin below the chin and the neck. As these areas sag, you begin to look far older than you are. You develop jowls, and the skin around your neck loosens, folding over.

Gaining or losing weight may further exacerbate the issue, leading to chin rounding and a loss of definition. The problem here is excessive skin and sometimes muscle laxity. The solution is for the surgeon to remove the excess tissue, reposition the muscles if necessary, and tighten things up again.

Your Face Always Seems Tired, Angry, or Sad

A loss of facial volume and elasticity in the skin may make you seem as if you’re permanently sad. Add a brow wrinkle or two, and people may believe you are scowling at them. However, it’s not an intentional action; it’s simply a result of years of facial expressions taking their toll.

It’s initially possible to deal with these using Botox and fillers. However, these are temporary solutions, so the wrinkles come back when the effects wear off. Also, these measures won’t work forever.

A facelift is a permanent way to make you look more approachable. Dr. James repositions the muscles, smooths out the wrinkles, and removes the excess fat and skin. With the excess skin and fat out of the way, the effects last for years rather than months.

Your Neck Seems to Be Getting Thicker and Heavier

It’s natural to put on a little weight as you age, so you keep yourself nice and trim. However, your neck seems to widen and become heavier no matter what you do, which is perfectly normal due to skin and muscle laxity.

As we age, gravity tugs on our body’s skin and muscles. The delicate neck area is one of the first to show the signs of this interference. The neck muscles lose their elasticity as we age and become less defined.

Combined with the excess skin, this gives the illusion of a broader neckline.

The Tissue Under Your Chin Is Sagging

Even if you are fit and healthy, the skin under your chin begins to sag with age. This is due to the loss of elasticity and fullness that youthful skin enjoys. Tightening up the skin with facelift surgery is best to address this issue.

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