Surgical Procedures for Enhancing the Forehead and Brow Area in Male Patients

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  • Men’s interest in surgical cosmetic procedures has steeply increased over the past decade.
  • The growing interest highlights challenges like performing procedures to meet men’s aesthetic goals, which differ from their female counterparts.
  • Brow lift surgery might be an unsung hero to help male patients reach their aesthetic goals.

Picture the average cosmetic surgical candidate. Did you envision a woman in her mid-30s to 50s or 60s, looking to retain her youthful appearance? If so, your response is unsurprising since men don’t seek cosmetically enhancing treatments.

Until recently, that is. A study published in 2023 highlights a sharp increase in men seeking cosmetic surgeries, particularly within the past four years. However, cosmetic treatments primarily focus on female patients. 

Women have a biological chemistry and aging process that differs vastly from their male counterparts. What options do male candidates have? Dr. James C. Wang explores below whether brow lifting treatment has potential. 

What Is Brow Lift Surgery?

Brow lift surgeries have varying results, depending on the target areas and techniques used. The treatments focus on the upper facial hemisphere above the eyes. Patients who undergo browplasty typically aim to uplift the skin and muscles in this region. 

As you age, gravity pulls your forehead tissues downward. Your body does not produce collagen and elastin as effectively as during your youth. Therefore, the tissues gradually sag downward and cause a heavy, fatigued effect. 

The changes affect your eyes, eyebrows, and the top of your head. You might notice rows of forehead wrinkles, drooping brows, and creases between your eyebrows. This combination results in a sleepy expression. 

Surgical brow enhancement lifts these sagging areas for a more awake and alert appearance. However, many cosmetic surgeons have shaped their techniques around female patients’ facial structures. Men can also benefit from these techniques when surgeons keep their masculine musculoskeletal architecture. 

How Does This Procedure Benefit Male Patients?

Cosmetic forehead surgery offers numerous advantages to male patients who work with a skilled surgeon like Dr. James Wang. The doctor should have experience performing cosmetic procedures on men to ensure the desired results. If you have considered a brow lift, you might notice the following changes:

  • A more defined jawline
  • More awake, alert areas surrounding each eye
  • Lifted eyebrows for a more youthful, less somber expression
  • Fewer or less noticeable wrinkles and fine lines on the forehead

Additionally, brow lift surgery requires less downtime than other, more invasive alternatives. Like many American men, you have goals to accomplish and priorities to handle. Therefore, you likely want to avoid treatments that keep you down for long periods. Browplasty might accommodate those preferences. 

Surgical Brow Lifting Techniques

Modern medical advances and personal skills enable your doctor to meet your aesthetic desires in diverse ways. Browplasty doesn’t solely involve lifting forehead tissues. Consider the techniques listed below for your procedure. 

Endoscopic Brow Lift

This procedure depends on the location of your hairline. Consider a different approach if you have a receding hairline or are balding. Endoscopic brow lifts involve incisions just beyond the hairline. 

Then, your surgeon inserts a camera into the incisions to view the tissues beneath. Next, they’ll lift the forehead tissues with a surgical instrument, moving the brow to a higher position on your forehead. Finally, they suture the incisions. 

Internal Browpexy

As you age, the outer area of your eyebrows will drop first. Internal browpexy addresses this aesthetic concern by pulling the droopy skin upward for a more refreshed, awakened appearance. 

Mid-Forehead Lift

This more invasive procedure involves lifting the forehead while contouring the brows. It addresses sagging eyebrows and wrinkled forehead tissues. You might prefer this technique if you want a forehead lift with eyebrow elevation surgery. 

Temporal Brow Lift

Like internal browpexy, temporal brow lifts isolate and elevate the outer eyebrow portion. Your surgeon will suture the incisions after sufficiently elevating the tissues. 

Hairline Brow Lift

Your doctor might recommend this technique if you have a receding or higher hairline. The surgeon makes incisions just before the hairline begins. Then, they lift your forehead high enough to eliminate the wrinkles and fine lines.  

Direct Brow Lift

This surgical procedure focuses on contouring and lifting the eyebrows alone. Your surgeon creates incisions above your eyebrow hairline. Next, they lift and slightly reshape the eyebrows before securing their new positions with sutures. 

What To Consider Before Browplasty

As you can see, brow lifts offer numerous opportunities for men to enhance their appearance. The results range from subtle to dramatic, depending on the technique applied. However, consider how an eyebrow or forehead lift procedure could affect you, your self-image, and your lifestyle. 


An ideal surgical candidate should:

  • Be in good health
  • Avoid addictive substances like alcohol or tobacco
  • Have a support system to assist them following the surgery
  • Be prepared to follow the surgeon’s recovery instructions
  • Understand potential complications

In other words, you should be a healthy, well-informed patient who trusts your doctor to ensure surgical success. 

Side Effects

Like other surgical procedures, brow lifts have a few risks:

  • Infection: Surgery exposes internal tissues to external microbes. These organisms can cause infection when incision sites don’t receive proper care
  • Scarring: Most brow lift incisions remain hidden within the hairline. Even visible ones are usually small enough to go unnoticed. However, your skin may respond differently and produce a scar. 
  • Reactions to medications and anesthetics: Every person’s body reacts differently to medications. You might respond adversely to pain inhibitors, antibiotics, or anesthetic formulas.


Other treatments, such as Botox injections or dermal fillers, can offer similar but less dramatic results. Botox limits muscle movement to prevent deepening furrows, while fillers add volume to sagging areas. However, these alternatives only last up to four months. 

Therefore, you will need recurring appointments to maintain the effects. 

Consult With Dr. James C. Wang About Brow Lift Procedures for You

Are you considering brow lift surgery or another cosmetic treatment to maintain your youthful, masculine appearance? Schedule a consultation with Dr. James Wang at 312-695-8182. He can help you determine the best aesthetic option for you.

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By Dr. James Wang MD PhD

Dr. James C. Wang, MD and Ph.D., is the Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. He graduated with Honors from the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Sciences Program at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas.